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Rich Broad Beach Wants to Harvest Manhattan's Precious Sand

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There is probably no sinister underlying plot at all in Broad Beach homeowners' plans to replenish their shrinking beach with sand from their more naturally-gifted neighbors. Probably none at all! Malibu's Broad is both very, very wealthy and very, very prone to erosion--in 2010, the LA Times wrote that "Unless drastic measures are taken, rising sea levels and heavy sand loss from severe storms and a stationary seawall are likely to cause what was once one of the widest expanses of open beach in the region to disappear." Now the beach's 124 homeowners have formed a Geologic Hazard Abatement District (meaning they're taxing themselves) and are planning a $20 million project to add "600,000 cubic yards of sand to the shoreline," according to the Daily Breeze. They're hoping to find a sediment match in the waters off Manhattan Beach, or possibly Dockweiler (the DB actually calls these "donor sites"!). The city has oversight of "submerged lands," but "in this case the state reserved the mineral rights to the area ... meaning the town doesn't have a right to receive royalties from the operation." Still, officials seem ok with it so far. The State Lands Commission and the California Coastal Commission will still have to sign off on the rejuvenation plan; the US Army Corps of Engineers is also involved.
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