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Own 1,400 Pieces of Installable Architecture, Boyle Heights Gold Line Development Complaints

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THE INTERNET: Local architects FreelandBuck are currently showing the installation "Slipstream" ("a single drawing extruded through the gallery space and cut away to produce a set of interconnected spaces") at the Bridge Gallery in New York, but afterward it could belong to one lucky, mechanically-minded eBay bidder. Bids are up to $11.50 as of this writing, but there are a couple of catches: for one thing, shipping is estimated at $1,200; for another, the piece comes disassembled in about 1,400 pieces. Plus, altogether "Slipstream" is 9'10" by 20'10" by 8'3" and weighs about 250 pounds. But chill out--it comes with a rhino model showing how everything fits together. We hear the architects are having just a bit of fun here. [eBay]

BOYLE HEIGHTS: The East LA Community Corporation says Boyle Heightsers are unhappy with Metro's development practices around the Gold Line Eastside extension--they're holding a "Take Back Boyle Heights" town hall this Thursday at which residents will "demand that Metro create meaningful dialogue between residents and developers, protect small businesses, build affordable housing, create living wage jobs, and pedestrian friendly spaces." They complain that Metro has allowed big box stores and left sites sitting fallow for too long. All the info is here. [Curbed Inbox]