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Ktown Says It Has No Parks Because It's Split Among Districts

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Koreatown residents are sick of being split up and ignored--they've finally filed their lawsuit over the City Council's new districts (adopted in June), accusing "the city's Redistricting Commission and City Council of dividing the Koreatown community in order to boost the African- American vote in the 10th District to help Council President Herb Wesson win re-election in 2015," reports the Daily News. Ktown has long been split among multiple districts (leading up to the adoption of the new districts, the 'hood pushed for unification, but those requests were ignored), and the suit says that "The end result has been that Koreatown, while populous and contributing significant tax dollars, has not been able to obtain anything close to its fair share of funding ... To this day, Koreatown has no park or recreation center, no athletic facilities, no community center, no performing arts center, no senior citizen center ... and a shortage of affordable housing." Hm, when you put it like that, it does sound pretty bad. The lawsuit asks that the court bar the use of the new districts in the March election and "appoint a special master to draw new boundaries."
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