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Wilshire Boulevard Such a Mess That It'll Be Repaved Twice

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LA's main thoroughfare, Wilshire Boulevard, in some places feels like a war-torn, Third World road, as any driver or bus rider is aware. While relief is in the works--in the form of a bus-only lane that will repave much of the street and an extension of the Purple Line subway from Koreatown to Westwood--those projects are years off. Thankfully (we guess?), the Park La Brea News reports that the potholes and uneven surfaces have gotten so bad that a repaving will begin this month; this is an entirely separate project from the $30 million bus lane/repaving, which is set to start work next year and finish in 2014 (that's actually sooner than initially expected). This Wilshire project is an $800,000 remaking of the curbside lane from Wilton to Fairfax. Thankfully, the smaller scale of the project means it should be finished relatively quickly--"three to six weeks," with contractors doing most of the work on weekends and outside of rush hour. Meanwhile, at the same community meeting where the newspaper culled all this information, Metro's capable representative Jody Litvak told the crowd that utility relocation for the subway also starts this month (!). "The real, actual construction will be in 2014, but it may feel like that sooner," Litvak said.
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