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Upgrades for Sunset Media Tower, Twitter Says @WestwoodIsGreat!, Lake Hollywood Park Tourist Protest

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HOLLYWOOD: The Sunset Media Center tower just east of Vine has sold to Kilroy Realty for about $79 million. According to a press release, Kilroy "plans an extensive renovation of its lobby, common areas and tenant spaces, which will include energy efficiency upgrades throughout the building." The 22-story building is 87 percent leased right now, mainly with digital entertainment companies, and the new owners intend to cater to that same crowd in the future. [Curbed Inbox]

WESTWOOD: Presumably in response to the @westwoodisdying Twitter account, which chronicles the drawn-out retail death of the neighborhood, yesterday someone created @westwoodisgreat. Their profile insists "Westwood is thriving!" And here's a sample tweet: "Westwood is a great place for great food, movies and shopping! There's ample free/inexpensive parking here: ? ??" [Twitter]

HOLLYWOODLAND: Hollywood Sign neighbors are still fighting the fight against the hordes of tourist in their 'hood--last night, they planned to protest a Lake Hollywood Park fire safety "show and tell" given by Council District 4. An email going around (and distributed by the Hollywoodland Homeowners Association) said that "Due to [City Councilmember] Tom LaBonge's intransigence, and his ignoring the petitions of over 400 local homeowners who oppose his continued support and development of the Hollywood Sign View site at the Canyon Lake and Mulholland location, concerned homeowners in the area are standing up with a protest action ? Our intent is to make it clear that we will not stand for LaBonge's continuing violation of the California Environmental Quality Act, and support of this site ? There are protest signs available, and we hope you will man (or woman) one during this short action. If you cannot assist in this way, please drive by the park and loudly and continuously honk your car horn to let LaBonge, the LAFD, LAPD and others know you oppose the continued development of this site." [Curbed Inbox]