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Work Starts at Haunted Hospital, Costco Looking in Mid-City

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BOYLE HEIGHTS: Developer Amcal sent out a blast today that they've started work at the creepy old Linda Vista Hospital. Phase one converts the old three-story nurses' building into 23 low-income senior apartments--that'll include 19 one-bedrooms and four studios, plus a community room. Work should be finished in February 2013. Next up, the old hospital building will get 74 more apartments. [Curbed Inbox]

MID-CITY: A bulk buyer writes in: "I'm a costco member and recently received a questionnaire from them, about a potential new Costco in the mid-city area. They mention a location south of the 10 at La Brea and Alsace, but all I can see are residential lots- the only remotely large enough lot is a school- and that doesn't seem likely." He speculates that the big boxer might be looking to swoop in on either the Lowes space at Midtown Crossing or the neighboring Orchard Supply Hardware. Anyone know anything? [Curbed Inbox]