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Southern Mar Vista Wants to Leave LA and Join Culver City

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It's like every 10 years there's just a wave of secessionism in LA--in 2002, it was Hollywood and the Valley and this year it's Holmby Hills and now Mar Vista. The Argonaut reports that "a group of homeowners in southern Mar Vista have been meeting in recent weeks to quietly examine the possibility of leaving Los Angeles for their eastern neighbor, Culver City." They've gotten their hands on an email that describes a recent South Mar Vista Association poll on the matter:

Some of the items that have been the topic of discussion is that south Mar Vistans put millions of tax dollars in the city of Los Angeles’ coffers and basically get nothing in return. The streets are full of potholes, you can’t drive down most alleyways without damaging your car; the streets are filthy and some are not even cleaned on a weekly basis; the city has a build, build, build policy so that they can build up city funds with permit fees and total disregard to the increased density and increased traffic, making all streets south and north gridlocked from around 4-7 p.m. every day and we have a mayor working about one hour per day to run this city. The new borders under discussion are Venice Boulevard on the north and Beethoven Street on the *west--the area includes the Mar Vista Library, Fire Station 62, and the Mar Vista Post Office, which could cause some trouble with a possible secession from LA. Lately Holmby Hills, angry over neglected potholes, has been talking about joining Beverly Hills.
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