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SaMo Halting Major Projects Including Civic Auditorium Reno

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The Santa Monica City Council had a tough duty this week--voting to suspend several large capital improvement projects as part of a contingency plan in reaction to the state's killing of redevelopment agencies, reports the Santa Monica Mirror. The contingency plan approved earlier this week will suspend several projects indefinitely: the Civic Auditorium renovation, the Civic Center Joint Use projects, the Mountain View Mobile Home Park, and an agreement with the "the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District that would have implemented 'recreational and cultural improvements at Santa Monica High School that could serve students and the broader community.'" The Mountain View Mobile Home Park will continue with the construction of ten manufactured units, "but the remainder of the project would be suspended 'until there [is] certainty that any additional expenditure of funds would not become a liability to the City's General Fund.'" The news isn't entirely apocalyptic, however. Several projects will still move forward: the Pico Branch Library, the Colorado Avenue Esplanade, various Expo Line light rail enhancements, Santa Monica Commons and Ken Genser Square, and the fourth phase of a traffic signal upgrade.

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