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Bunker Hill Marriott Getting Possible Hyatt Regency Makeover

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Renderings via Brigham Yen; hotel via Downtown News

Some kind of upgrade and rebranding is afoot at the old Marriott Hotel at Fig and Third Street in Downtown. Brigham Yen reports that the hotel was stripped of its Marriott-ness earlier this month and has been going by the stunningly generic The LA Hotel Downtown; it's likely going to become a Hyatt Regency, which "are aimed at convention and business travelers as well as leisure travelers and are located in urban, suburban, airport, convention and resort destinations around the world." The city is desperate lately to get new convention business and, as part of that effort, has given tax credits to the double Marriott hotel project by the Convention Center in South Park. Meanwhile, The LA Hotel Downtown owners have already gotten to work on upgrading the 469 guest rooms "to a modern design standard." Now they'll also start in on the dated lobby, common areas, and ballroom, with work to be finished in the next six months or so. The 14-story Marriott was originally built in 1983 as a Sheraton.
· Downtown LA Marriott Hotel Says Goodbye: Conversion to Hyatt Regency Next [Brigham Yen]