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Florist David Jones's Arch Digest-Featured Pied-a-Tierre

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We would expect nothing less rococo than this from "celebrity florist" David Jones, who is BFFs with Nancy Reagan, Betsy Bloomingdale, and Connie Wald, according to our tipster (who adds that the space has hosted a real who's who of LA). Jones built this WeHo mixed-user in 1994--it has two retail spaces (one is Jones's); five office suites (currently home to psychologists); and a top-floor two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment, which appeared in Architectural Digest back in the nineties. The building itself is an unusual-for-the-neighborhood three stories; apparently a parapet on the old building allowed Jones to grandfather in that third floor. Jones is now retiring and selling the whole building for $7.995 million.
· 450 N ROBERTSON [John Aaroe Group]