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More Mixed-Use Planned For Convention Center Zone

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It's still too early to call a full-fledged building boom, but Downtown (and South Park in particular) seems to be the most active development market going right now. The latest news is an application for a mixed-use project, recently filed by developer Jade Enterprises for a property located at Pico and Flower. First reported today by the Downtown News, the project would "build a 419-unit, two-building complex" and "a cumulative 42,000 square feet of commercial space," on the 1.86 acre parcel (which is currently home to parking lots). The city case information for the project lists an architect at Thomas P. Cox Architects Inc. as the contact for the project, but it doesn't look like there are any public renderings yet. This development would be located just north of the currently under-construction Avant, the three-building apartment complex that replaced the planned Daniel Libeskind tower. As for the strength of the Downtown real estate market, a Jade Enterprises spokesperson tells the DN: "We see demand in multi-family development, so we're looking to capitalize on that."
· Developer Plans New South Park Mixed Use Complex [Downtown News]