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Are Parking Meters Killing Us?? SaMo Resident Sues For $1.7B

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Will it be back to stocking dimes and nickels in the cupholder? A Santa Monica local, "known amongst the city council regulars for her detailed reports during public comment periods," has filed a $1.7 billion lawsuit against the city because of its new WiFi-enabled smart parking meters, the Santa Monica Daily Press reports. Denise Barton believes the meters' ground sensors are "causing ringing in her ears, ear infections and tightness on the back, left side of her neck" (her lawsuit also asks for an extra $1.7 million every month the meters operate). "A vocal minority" in Santa Monica opposes the meters, believing they cause cancer--that's unproven, though the World Health Organization is concerned low-level radiation could cause cancer (and good luck avoiding WiFi or cell signals anywhere in Santa Monica). The smart meters, which only send cellular signals when someone uses a credit card to pay or a vehicle enters or leaves a space, are popular with city leaders because they cut down on people re-feeding the meters to stay in a spot longer than allowed; they also provide real-time info on which spots are open, cutting down on emissions from cars circling for parking.
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