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David Hyde Pierce Doubles Money on Gorge Los Feliz House

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Actor David Hyde Pierce and sitcom writer/producer Brian Hargrove have sold their seriously gorgeous, "meticulously restored" 1929 house in Los Feliz for almost double what they paid in 2003 ($3.625 million). The seven-bedroom house was originally built for one OR Fuller of the Auburn-Fuller car company, according to Paradise Leased, and was originally decorated by George A. Sagar (see old photos here); it comes with a huge dining room, a veranda with fireplace, a library, a gym, a theater, a pool, a guesthouse, and nearly an acre of land. Pierce and Hargrove undertook a very sensitive renovation in 2004 and first listed the house in April this year for $7.5 million. TMZ reported it first--the house sold a few weeks ago for $7.05 million.
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