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Hottest Brokers Round 1, Heat 6: Burt Bakman vs. Paul Darrow

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Welcome to Hottest Week 2012, that magical time in August when we pit local brokers against each other to determine once and for all (for this year) who's the hottest of the hot. Stay tuned this week and next as the tournament unfolds. And let the games begin!

Repping the men today we have Burt Bakman of *Keller Williams and Paul Darrow of Marcus & Millichap. We were trying to be a little less shallow this year, so we asked all the contestants a series of questions, but frankly, neither of these guys will return our emails. So here's what we know: Bakman specializes in the Studio City area and is widely known in the Curbediverse for his series of driving-around-talking-to-the-camera videos. He also tweets. Darrow works on multi-family and development properties and is a member of the Urban Land Institute. According to his M&M profile, he previously worked at Bovis Lend Lease, but we bet there's a far more exciting job somewhere in his past (ice cream taster, maybe?).

Vote below--poll closes at 3 pm PDT on Thursday, Aug. 16, 2012.
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