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Musical Intro to LA Rail, Los Feliz's Old Brown Derby Site Sells

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GREATER LA: People love making music videos about rail, don't they? (Exhibits one and two.) This one, from nonprofit transit boosters Move LA is a pretty cute children's-television-style intro to the Metro system today, tomorrow, and in our craziest fever dreams. [Curbed Inbox]

LOS FELIZ: The Los Feliz Brown Derby site, once ground zero for a nasty Whole Foods-related development battle, has sold for $9.25 million. It'll continue operating as is, with a Louise's Trattoria and Chase Bank. The building at the corner of Hillhurst and Los Feliz was built in 1928 and sold to Cecil B. DeMille in 1940 to serve as a Brown Derby; later it became ground zero for the nineties swing revival. In the aughts, a group of developers hoped to demolish it and create a grocery store/apartment complex called Hillhurst Square, but neighbors intervened and had the property landmarked. John Battle, one of the would-be developers, says in a press release: "Once it was apparent we were not going to be able to redevelop the site into a major mixed-use project we redirected our efforts to determine how we could create some value with the existing property ... We spent close to $2 million refurbishing prior to putting it on the market." Los Feliz investment group CMC Asset Management bought the property and "plans to operate [it] as is." It was originally listed at $10.6 million a year ago. [Curbed Inbox]