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Laurel Canyonites Say Mansion Building Messing With Bobcats

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When wealthy homeowners cry "think of the bobcats!" (or "think of the gobies!" or whatever), there's sometimes something else afoot ("think of the property values/exclusivity/peace and quiet!"), but either way someone's finally paying attention to the bobcats, as in Laurel Canyon today: the LA Times reports that the homeowners group Concerned Residents of Stanley Hills Drive have "filed a lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles for failing to enforce development restrictions on a multi-home project in a Laurel Canyon wildlife corridor." When permits were first issued for the three 4,000 square foot houses back in 2009, the project was supposed to include a 20 foot wide conservation easement dedicated to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy (basically a place for wildlife to move through), but "The group claims it later learned that the city allowed the developer to proceed with construction ... with a smaller conservation easement." The group is led by actor Tom Hulce (Mozart in Amadeus), who says "retaining walls and fences put up around the construction site 10 months ago are blocking migration patterns of deer, bobcat and coyotes that have existed for centuries."
· Actor Tom Hulce leads homeowner battle against Laurel Canyon developer [LAT]