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Venice Zipline Appeal Denied, But It May Not Open Until 2013

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One obstacle has been kicked out of the path of the Venice Boardwalk zipline as the Board of Public Works has denied an appeal filed by Venetian Gail Rogers, who previously told the LA Times that the project is "just cheesy to me." However, the California Coastal Commission still has to approve plans for the 600 foot long zipline (it'll run roughly between Horizon Avenue and 17th Street) and Rogers says she'll keep fighting. Meanwhile there are conflicting reports about when this thing will finally open (it was supposed to start zipping in July)--the LA Times reports that now it could be as early as August; the Venice Patch reports that the CCC won't even hear the matter until September and that the opening could be pushed until next year. The city is working with Greenheart Conservation Company on a three-month trial zipline that'll help raise money to clean and maintain Venice Beach (riders pay $20 each and it's expected to draw 500 to 1,000 people a day).

Rogers and other neighbors are concerned about the zipline's "impact on parking congestion, obstruction of coastal views, noise levels and beach commercialization," according to Patch. She tells them "Parks are a retreat from the restless commercialization permeating today's culture and the zipline will open the door for future commercialization of Venice Beach," perhaps inadvertently revealing that she has never actually been to Venice Beach.
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