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Here's a Music Video Game That Let's You Play the LA Skyline

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The gamers over at Kotaku are pretty into the new video game Sound Shapes, which "has you playing your way through platformer architecture that throbs with the sounds of music. Almost everything you can interact with harbors a unique sound and those tones sync up with the grooves and beats of the level" (so it sounds sort of like that acid trip Roger Sterling had?). To play, "All you need to do in Sound Shapes is roll the little globular avatar from the turntable at the beginning of a level to the one at the end, jumping over gaps and hazards along the way." In addition to the "albums" that come with the game, users can create their own levels, like this one, which lets you play the LA skyline, just like those LA Chamber Orchestra murals do when they come to life at night.

· This Video Game Turns The Los Angeles City Skyline Into A Music Video [Kotaku]