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East Hollywood Target Could Be Shortened as Approvals Begin

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The proposed Target at Sunset and Western has been a long time coming--after being hit with neighborhood lawsuits related to its parking plan and height, the retailer decided to undergo the environmental impact report process and came back with a reconfigured project in January this year. The project is a 194,749 square foot structure, containing a 163,862 square foot Target, with around 30,000 square feet of other retail and food uses, plus 458 ground-level and above-ground parking spaces. The Hollywood Unbound blog reports that the city planning commission will take up the new plans tomorrow and is recommending approval with a few caveats, the most notable being that the structure be limited to 74 feet instead of the chain's requested 84 feet height. While the city has five letters of support from area residents, the Hollywood Patch's story on the matter contains a blistering comment against the Target's girth. We'll remind everyone that the current site is a filthy blight that houses a dead pharmacy and supermarket.

The Hollywood store appears to be a regular Target, as opposed to the slightly smaller CityTarget's opening in Westwood, Downtown, and at the Beverly Connection.

The Central Area Planning Commission takes up the Hollywood store tomorrow at City Hall at 4:30 pm.
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