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Glassell Park Hits Dwell, What Do You Do In Traffic?

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GLASSELL PARK: One of those little gentrifying neighborhoods north of Downtown is getting some love from no less than Dwell--they have a feature on a ranch house remade over the past decade by the local firm Standard (the owners are a writer and a documentarian whose parents happen to own Room & Board). The team used the house's existing L-shaped, added lots of outdoor spaces, and placed windows high (after Le Corbusier) to give views to the distance. The owners had trouble with the landscaping but got lucky when they eventually met the woman behind Silver Lake Farms, "who was looking for a plot of land exactly like theirs ... she transformed nearly a quarter-acre of their property into a flower farm." [Dwell]

LOS ANGELES: You commute and you love filling out surveys, right? Who doesn't? Director Car Nazzal is gathering information for some mysterious traffic-related art project and needs to know how you and other Angelenos spend your time in traffic (we expect some juicy answers!) and if you've ever seen anyone famous idling in the car next to yours. The survey is here. [Curbed Inbox]