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Designs Ok'd for Torrance's Green Line-Adjacent Transit Center

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Torrance signed off on designs for its $21 million transit center plans this week, the Daily Breeze reports. The Torrance Transit Park and Ride Regional Terminal will occupy 16,500 square feet on a former industrial site on Crenshaw. The transit center's advancement could indicate that there is momentum for the Green Line South Bay extension to reach this area; at community meetings, some asked that the Green Line only be extended for two stations, to the South Bay Galleria, saying stretching it further to Crenshaw would be a waste as there's currently nothing there. Well, looks like Torrance and Metro are intent on creating something, as much of the money for the transit center comes from the Measure R transpo tax: the transit center, complete with a "signature" white canopy to be lit from underneath, will include amenities for those catching buses or hopping on the train, as well as scads of parking. A retail building was slashed from the final plans but the city indicates that private developers are interested in building their own retail space. Back to the Green Line extension, look for the environmental impact report on that project late in the year.
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