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Win a Super Bright "Densify or Die" LA Forum Poster

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For its Unfinished Business exhibition on 25 years of planning and architecture thinking in Los Angeles, the LA Forum had these magnificent, eye-searing posters printed up (by the famous Colby Poster company) with notable quotes on the subject. We have six posters to give away to six lucky readers of the Curbed LA newsletter--"Densify or Die" in pink, yellow, and green; "What does it mean to shop and die in Los Angeles" in orange and pink; and "Is there some miracle that occurs at a certain level of quality in architecture where, like transubstantiation, architecture miraculously becomes art?" in green (they're also selling these for $25 each at the exhibition, which runs through August 26). If you're not yet getting the newsletter, pop your email address in the box below for the chance to win and the guarantee of the day's top stories on real estate, architecture, urban planning, neighborhoods, and various other LA shenanigans delivered directly to your inbox. For extra fun, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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