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Supervillain-Worthy Lair on Mt. Olympus Asking $22 Million

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If you spend any time on the Sunset Strip, odds are this cozy little cottage in the hills above has caught your eye--hell, the Martian probe Curiosity probably has a pretty clear view of it. Designed in the go-go nineties by architect Richard Schwarz, the 9,204 square foot behemoth occupies its own private street on a three-acre lot in Mt. Olympus, and if the internet is to be believed, has seen more than its share of epic parties and been seen in some less-than-epic movies (Lou Ferrigno lived there in I Love You, Man). Per the listing, the property features six bedrooms, eight baths, marble and hardwood floors, a bar, two guest apartments, a pool with grotto, a volleyball court, and parking for 25. Last sold in 2002 for $4.4 million, it's now asking $22 million.
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