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The Whittier Affordable Housing Breaks Ground in Boyle Heights, New Playgrounds For Pueblo del Rio

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We're cutting out a little early for a summer Friday. Stay cool and we'll meet you back here tomorrow for some weekend coverage.

BOYLE HEIGHTS: In Boyle Heights, where there's "a reported family poverty level of nearly three times the state average," the nonprofit Retirement Housing Foundation sees a major need for affordable housing--they have several projects coming down the pipeline in the neighborhood in the next year and a half and today broke ground on a 60-unit affordable family complex called The Whittier. The building will be open to families earning 30 to 60 percent of the area median income. [Curbed Inbox]

CENTRAL-ALAMEDA: More groundbreaking (and god bless, in this weather)! Work started this morning on "renovations and upgrades to five playgrounds" at the Pueblo del Rio Housing Development--it's the first work on these sites since 1998. According to a press release, "The project includes replacing play equipment at all five playgrounds, installation of outdoor exercise equipment, basketball court renovations, installation of a Universal Access playground, and upgrades to the recreation center building, including restrooms, kitchen upgrades, and lighting." [Curbed Inbox]