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Buy the Studio City House Where George Harrison (Purportedly) Spent His Last Days

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This listing on Laurel Canyon Boulevard in Studio City likes to play its cards close to the vest. Its photo gallery consists of a scant nine images, four of which are of the property's glass-pyramid enclosed lap pool, and none of which offer a peek at the 1941 ranch-style house's interior. (Though in fairness, it is a pretty badass pool--how come more people don't have pools like that?) The description copy is similarly withholding, only letting slip that the residence features "an interior koi pond, and sophisticated security system." But we suppose such a guarded attitude is only fitting, given the property's affiliation with reknowned security expert/Gift of Fear author Gavin de Becker. The well-protected residence's other claim to fame--although this is not without dispute--is that it served as the private haven where de Becker's friend/employer George Harrison spent his final days before succumbing to cancer in 2001. (This is not the only Harrison-related house on the market recently--his Blue Jay Way rental, where he wrote the song of the same name, was up for sale, but pulled off the MLS yesterday.) Sited on a .71-acre flag lot, the three-bedroom, three-bath house is listed at $1.529 million.
· 3738 LAUREL CANYON Blvd [Redfin]