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SoCal Twentysomethings Extra-Likely to Live With Their Parents

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If you were in your twenties and not living with your parents in the last few years, you totally missed out on a trend (and free laundry). A new report out today found that "Nearly 1 in 3 25- to 29-year-olds in Southern California lived at home at some point between 2007 and 2009," according to the LA Times (nationally only about one in five were living with parents). Greater LA (with Santa Ana and Long Beach), greater Ventura, and greater Riverside all ranked in the top 10 US metro areas "for the proportion of 20-something adults who lived with their parents for at least a time during the Great Recession" (depressed Bridgeport, CT topped the list). In LA and Ventura, 28 percent of young people were living with parents; in Riverside, 26 percent were.

The sociologist who released the report says that kids tended to stay in their parents' homes in large metro areas with high costs of living, high unemployment, and lower median incomes for young people (makes sense!). There's also a cultural factor: "the top 10 areas also tend to have large Latino, Asian or other racial or ethnic communities in which living with parents into adulthood is more common than among whites, although the numbers for whites also jumped during the recession." And, overall, men were more likely than women to stick with their parents.
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