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3 Years and No Sale For 1980 Harry Gesner Design on the PCH

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Architect Harry Gesner is known for his Hollywood Hills "boathouses" and for his much grander modern endeavors along the Pacific Coast Highway (and for being incredibly awesome). Here's one of the latter models--while it looks pretty eighties-tainted (it was built in 1980), the listing says it was "recently remodeled in the finest taste & style." Whoever did it, the house currently has six bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, a two-story fireplace, spa, yard, and a private path down to the beach, all on a third of an acre. According to an older listing, it was also included in the recent Gesner book Houses of the Sundown Sea. But no one's biting on this guy--it's been on the market almost consistently since 2009, most recently asking $3.49 million. Today it's been chopped down to $3.295 million.
· 32248 PACIFIC COAST Hwy [Redfin]