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Hancock Park's House of Davids Sells, Overhaul Work Begins

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Hancock Park's famous House of Davids sold in late April and by early May permits were already being pulled to overhaul the house. The HoD, rented and then owned for years by R&B singer Norwood Young, was known best for its 19 frontyard David statues (which referred to the Goliath story, according to Young), but was also packed with other wacky designery, including hanging dining tables, a gold bathtub, and boatloads of glitter. Young first listed the five-bedroom ranch house in May last year for $2.4 million; a few broker switches and pricechops later and it closed escrow April 27 with a final price of $1.45 million, according to Redfin. LA's Department of Building & Safety website shows several permits have been pulled on the property since then, including ones for new roofing and windows, a kitchen remodel, multiple bathroom remodels, and a stucco resurfacing for the front of the house. And LA's down one more beloved oddity.

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House of Davids

304 S. Muirfield Rd., Los Angeles, CA