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100 Year Old Mead House in Pasadena by Louis B. Easton

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What's happened in the past 20 years? A couple of wars, a Batman movie reboot, the Red Sox's World Series win, Justin Bieber's entire life. And this house soared in value by a million dollars, at least according to the current sellers, who bought it in 1992 for $610,000. It is a pretty killer property: the Mead House was built more than a century ago and designed by Louis B. Easton, one of Pasadena's foremost Arts & Craftsmen. It has four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms on .41 acres, and has "been painstakingly restored to its current glory." Today's asking price is $1.625 million.
· 380 West Del Mar Boulevard, Pasadena [Podley Properties]