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Where Are LA's Football and Other Pro Sports Watchers?

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In the wake of the Kings's Stanley Cup win and amid the anticipation of a football stadium, blogger Pam Allison looks at who exactly is watching what sports in Los Angeles (among football, hockey, baseball, and basketball), using Esri, everyone's favorite geographic mapping software. The greater Los Angeles area watches televised sports slightly less than the national average and the biggest fans tend to be clustered in USC, near Anaheim, and around military bases. Here's the breakdown:

-- About 30 percent of people in the US watch televised football; 25 percent of Angelenos watch it
-- "A couple of zip codes have a very high likelihood of people watching football on television over the weekend. Similar to the other sports discussed here, the top zip codes are 92055 and 93524, which are Camp Pendleton and Edwards AFB."

-- While about 10 percent of people in the US watch televised hockey, only about 8 percent do in LA
-- There are a lot of fans just east of Anaheim (likely Ducks viewers)
-- "Closer to LA the neighborhoods with the highest likelihood of hockey fans are places like Edwards AFB, Lake Hughes, Santa Clarita, Acton, and Pacific Palisades. The area around the University of Southern California has a lot of fans as well."

-- US-wide, 23 percent of the population watches televised baseball; in LA, 22 percent watch
-- "Baseball fans are really all over the city – at least the ones that watch it on television," with the highest numbers in Irvine and around USC.

-- 19 percent of people in the US watch basketball on TV; LA is also at 19 percent
-- "The most avid basketball viewers live the zip codes 90089 (near USC) and 92617 (Irvine)."
· Who’s Watching Sports in LA? [Pam Allison]