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Itty-Bitty Modern Bungalow in Mt. Washington Asking $399k

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Here's a listing we can easily imagine being featured on the Small House Style blog. Built in 1950, the two-bedroom, one-bath bungalow measures in at a compact 630 square feet (however, according to the description from a previous appearance on the market, the property also includes an "attached 280 square foot atrium/artist studio"). Located a stone's throw from the Self-Realization Fellowship's international headquarters on San Rafael Avenue (not that anyone would ever dream of casting a stone in their direction), the petite residence is blessed with a rather sizable lot of 8,045 square feet, beamed ceilings, a renovated kitchen, and hilltop views. Last sold in 2008 for $409,000, it's now asking $399,000.
· 3974 San Rafael Avenue [Official Site]