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Manhattan Beach Hoping New House Rental Rules Reign in Six-Man Volleyball Tourney Madness

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Another year, another Manhattan Beach attempt to reign in the madness surrounding the Charlie Saikley 6-Man Volleyball Tournament. This week officials "set new rules for property owners planning to rent out their homes ... putting into place a permit system to discourage rowdy parties," reports the Daily Breeze. The new set of rules "prohibits homeowners from renting to corporations, outlaws rentals of only outdoor spaces such as balconies and patios, and prevents anyone from charging a fee for entrance to a unit." That applies to any rentals from the Thursday before the tournament to the Monday after and "within the area bounded by First Street to the south, Ardmore Avenue and North Blanche Road to the east, Marine Avenue to the north and the beach to the west." (Anyone who's already rented out their place--the tournament starts July 31--is exempted from the new rules.) Last year, the city moved the tournament to the middle of the week in hopes of cutting back on some of the major red cup/public urination/debauchery that inevitably accompanies the Six-Man.
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