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Google Decides There's an LA Neighborhood Called Tehrangeles

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Google told us back in March that they were working on cleaning up the neighborhood names overlaid on Google Maps, but now a weird new one has popped up in Westwood: Tehrangeles. The nickname has never really referred to a specific location before, more like a nebulous swath of Beverly Hills and environs that's home to a large population of Iranian expats (and it seems like it's at least sometimes used pejoratively). Westwood-Century City Patch first noticed the map update and LAObserved nails the specifics: "it places the community on the upper floor of an apartment building in the 10600 block of Kinnard Avenue, between Westholme and Hilts avenues." Nearby, at Westwood and Wilkins, there's a sign for a Persian Square. In March, a Google rep wrote to Curbed "the map data comes from a wide range of sources, including the U.S. Census Bureau and commercial data providers. Neighborhood labels are often part of the data sets we get from the sources we work with to build the basemap, and in our effort to provide a rich and useful digital atlas for our users, we do our best to accurately reflect the information from those valued sources on Google Maps."

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