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Touring Kovac Architects's Secret House in Pacific Palisades

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The Sunday before last, Dwell on Design held the third of three (three!) home tours, covering several houses on the Westside. We've already seen the Eastside Home Tour: here, here, and here and seen a few prefabs: here and here, now here we go west.

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

In the Secret House, Kovac Architects more than doubled the size of the existing fifties-era ranch house, with all the action ("a dramatic timber-sheathed volume .. inserted at the house's center") visible from the back, but not the street. The architects used a set of materials including concrete and plaster that "references but expands upon the original" and they opened up the floor plan and added covered terraces and glass walls to "further blur the boundary between inside and out."
· SECRET HOUSE [Kovac Architects]