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Restored Unit in Ain's Avenel Cooperative Housing in Silver Lake

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Owners tend to hold onto their units in the Avenel Cooperative Housing Project, the experimental coop living project designed by mid-century modernist Gregory Ain and built in 1947, but opportunities have been popping up somewhat regularly over the last few years. The 10-unit property is listed on the National Register and "Sited on a gentle downslope" near the Rowena Reservoir. This particular one-bathroom unit has been owned for two decades by architect Gordon Olschlager, and has been, according to the listing, "restored with meticulous care, reflecting the original design and detail." It has sliding partition walls for bedroom reconfiguration, along with open living, dining, and kitchen areas, garden/patio, and a single garage and bonus parking space. According to Redfin, Olschlager bought the unit in 1992 for $159,000; and now welcome to 2012, with an asking price of $700,000.
· 2847 AVENEL St Unit 1/2 [Redfin]
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