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WeHo's Tower Video Restaurant Project, Wayne Enterprises's Convention Center Takeover

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: A tipster notices that there's work going on at the old Tower Video site at Sunset and Larrabee (don't be like us and confuse this with the hobbled Tower Records project across the street!). According to Loopnet, the space will be about 8,500 square feet and the owner "has received encouragement by the City of West Hollywood to target a high-end full service restaurant in this location." For details on who might move in, we'll have to watch our pals over at Eater LA. [Curbed Inbox]

DOWNTOWN: The Dark Knight Rises filmmakers released some production notes today that give us a heads up on which local landmarks to look out for when the movie comes out later this month. Past installments shot Chicago for Gotham, but this third film used Pittsburgh, New York, and good old LA: "In Los Angeles, a number of notable sites were used for interior sets, including the L.A. Convention Center, which was turned into the Applied Science Division of Wayne Enterprises; historic Union Station, which became a makeshift courtroom; and a building on South Spring Street, which was transformed into the trading floor of the stock exchange." [Dark Knight Rises]