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Westwood Is Dying Twitter Chronicles Retail Death of Westwood

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Oh, Westwood: you were hot once, but then a UCLA student was shot and all the action moved east and now you can't even support a Baja Fresh. It's not all bad news out of the neighborhood these days, but there sure is a lot, and to chronicle it all, here is @westwoodisdying (via LAObserved). The Twitter account documents all of Westwood's empty storefronts and dusty lots (and appears to have coined the acronym YAES: yet another empty storefront). Sure, in the last few years the neighborhood's lost a handful of theaters (two Manns and the Crest), the Borders, Jamba Juice, Acapulco, Good Choice Gift, and about a million other places, but things have gotten so pathetic lately that now at least someone is doing something about it.

The local businesses have formed a business improvement district to keep the area pretty and clean, LA's first CityTarget opened last weekend, and UCLA is going to be getting a hotel and conference center. Plus, someone cares enough to tweet--that's something.

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