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Here's the Fresh Face of the Newly Mixed-Use 1889 Boyle Hotel

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The old Boyle Hotel Cummings Block has finally been unsheathed from its construction wrappings in Boyle Heights, reports the Eastsider. The 1889 building, located at First Street and Boyle Avenue across from Mariachi Plaza, recently completed a $25 million renovation by developer East LA Community Corporation. The construction at the site (helpfully located within walking distance of two Gold Line stations) added 51 units of affordable housing, a Mariachi Cultural Center, and approximately 4,150 square feet of retail space. Renovation architect Richard Barron Architects preserved the most historic part of the building--the exterior--while repurposing the interior of the building. In another nod to the buildings long history, the building will bear its original name, after builder George Cummings.