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New Container Arch on Abbot Kinney, Gallery Lofts Move-Ins

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VENICE: Tomorrow, design/fabrication outfit Ilan Dei Studio officially moves into some pretty fab new shipping container digs on Abbot Kinney. The shop, which creates "identity spaces for retail clients," has been working out of a house, but now wants to try out "a storefront in the same way that his clients and their customers do." Ilan Dei Venice is made up of three spaces--a storefront with glass walls right on the street, a lab space for creative residencies (Edward Cella Art+Architecture will have the first slot), and a "mini piazza" out back. The whole thing is made up of sliced open shipping containers, glass, and wood. [Curbed Inbox]

ARTS DISTRICT: A tipster tells us that the Gallery Lofts are about to fill up: "Finally loans have started to close and move-ins have begun." It's been a long trip to the Gallery--the building then known as Hewitt First was once supposed to open in 2008. [Curbed Inbox]

Gallery Lofts

130 S. Hewitt St., Los Angeles, CA