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Westwood CityTarget Opens: Lots of Bikes, No Lawnmowers

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LA's first CityTarget, and one of the nation's first such stores, officially opened yesterday in Westwood (though it soft-opened days prior). The CityTarget is daintier than a typical Target (99,000 square feet vs. 126,000 square feet), but doesn't feel small or cramped--it's filled up with lots of home decor stuff, UCLA-appropriate dorm supplies, clothes, food, toiletries, and a Starbucks. There are also a lot of bikes for sale, while items like pool supplies, weed-whackers, and other suburban staples are harder to come by. A similar CityTarget opens in Downtown in the fall. While many in Westwood are happy about the CityTarget filling in the long-dead Design Expo space--complete with mid-century facade--there are at least two dozen other empty storefronts in the Village that need filling.
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