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1906 Colonial Revival on Alvarado Terrace Asking $525k

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According to National Historic Register documentation (pdf), this residence in Pico-Union was built on spec way back in 1906. The three-story Colonial Revival was subsequently purchased by one Manuel Riveroll, whose father was governor of Baja, California, and it is thusly known as the Riveroll House. But apart from the preceding tidbits, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of information available about the place. At least certainly not in the property's listing copy, which reads in its entirety: "Big three level house with all hardwoof (sic) floors under the carpets. Formal dining area family room, fire place and much more too list. A must see sellers are very motivated." The listing also can't be bothered to get its story straight about how many bedrooms and baths the property has--it's either 8/5.5 or 4/1, although given that public records show the building's square footage as 3,176, we're more inclined to believe the former. Asking price for the house, which sits on a 6,738 square foot lot, is $525,000.
· 1406 ALVARADO Terr [Redfin]