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Downtown NFL Stadium Developer Agrees to Plant Some Trees

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After developer AEG released its huge draft environmental impact report on its Downtown NFL stadium project (aka Farmers Field), several groups (including the Natural Resources Defense Council) complained that the plans pollution mitigation were way too vague. Now after a month in mediation, "AEG has offered to devote at least 17.5% of its eventual carbon mitigation budget to funding local measures such as tree-planting and solar panel installations," according to the LA Times. A lawyer adds that "there will be no other major changes" before AEG releases its final EIR, probably sometime in August. A rep for the NRDC says they've "come to a consensus" on the environmental issues. Meanwhile, while some advocacy groups have worried that AEG ignored the stadium's impact on neighboring Pico-Union, a group of Downtowners now say they "excluded several affected neighborhoods from its analysis and focused too much on the Pico-Union neighborhood."
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