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Broker Breakup on the Westside?, Sundance Cinemas Opening

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WESTSIDE: Is there drama in broker world? A Beverly Hillsian sends in this flyer, which is missing a familiar name: "Used to get fliers from Ned Brown & Peter Maurice. Now it looks like a breakup. Do you know the story, if there is one?" Perhaps it's just a standard broker shuffle (it looks like Brown is at Teles now), but either way, time to update your meticulously-kept "LA Broker Affiliations" spreadsheets, people. [Curbed Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD: Finally, an update on the Sundance Cinemas moving into the old Laemmle space at 8000 Sunset: the theater will open to the public on August 31. Since closing last fall, the space has been stripped "down to the studs" and a press release assures us "The new decor is pure Sundance: rustic, elegant and comfortable" (yes, this is a Robert Redford project). Sundance will have reserved stadium seating, a new lobby, an upstairs lounge, a patio, and booze for sale. [Curbed Inbox]

8000 Sunset

8000 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA