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Hotel Erwin's New Dogtown Suite, LACMA's Record-Setting Rock

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Happy Fourth of July, everyone! We'll meet you back here midday on Thursday.

VENICE: Joie de Vivre's Hotel Erwin has given its Dogtown Sweet a makeover--it's now the Red Bull Dogtown Suite and "pays homage to Los Angeles based art & culture" (it comes along with an overhaul of all the hotel's rooms). The room debuted last week with a live art show curated by artist James Haunt. Check it out. [Curbed Inbox]

MIRACLE MILE: A lot of people must have new boulder holding Facebook photos--LACMA's enormous "Levitated Mass" sculpture had the museum's biggest opening day ever last weekend. About 6,250 people showed up on day one and 30,000 total visited during the first week. LACMA also offered free admission during the week to anyone who lives in a zip code that hosted the rock on its journey and about 5,000 people took advantage of that offer. [Curbed Inbox]

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