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The Lautner House Torn Down to Expand a Lautner House

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Images via Andrea Kreuzhage; many more here

Archinect tells the strange story of the Concannon Residence, which was designed in 1960 by the brilliant John Lautner and torn down in 2002 by one of Lautner's biggest fans. The house is perched above Benedict Canyon, right next door to the more well-known Lautner work, the Sheats-Goldstein House (tour it here). That house has been owned for decades by the Lakers-and-fashion-loving James Goldstein--he worked with Lautner himself, and later a Lautner colleague, on renovating the house and keeping it up, and he's guaranteed in his will that the house will never be sold. But next door, where the Concannon once stood, he's now putting in a new party/office/tennis court annex. According to Triangle Modernist Houses, Lautner remodeled the Concannon in the eighties and Goldstein bought the house n the nineties; he demolished it to "'perfect' the expansion of his other Lautner house next door." Filmmaker Andrea Kreuzhage rented the Concannon from Goldstein from 1995 to 2002 and she "redesigned and updated the bedroom and the kitchen." She also, very nicely, thoroughly documented the house during and after the work.
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Sheats-Goldstein House

10104 Angelo View Dr., Los Angeles, CA