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Venice Zipline Update: Possible Labor Day Opening and $20 Tix

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Locals spoke their mind on the zipline proposed for the Venice Boardwalk at a public hearing yesterday, Venice Patch reports. The concerns were standard (noise, traffic, commercialization), but the details that emerged were pretty fascinating. While it was believed the ride would span about 750 feet, it now appears it will be closer to 600 feet, stretching from about Horizon Avenue to 17th Street. And it will cost around $20 for an approximately 40-second ride. And more on how it'll all work: "Ride operators expect to have three tandem zip lines with riders being given a bracelet with designated ride times to prevent long lines. The ride would operate from 11 a.m. until dark and would employ about 20 people. In addition to the ride, several live performances would be conducted throughout the three-month period." Part of the ride's revenue would go to needed beach and bathroom cleanups. The city is expected to decide on the zipline today and, if passed, the matter will head to the California Coastal Commission with hopes of an opening by Labor Day (the ride can be assembled in three days).
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