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Valleyites Don't Think High Schoolers Need Fancy Ped Bridge

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The Sun Valley Area Neighborhood Council should maybe have a chat with the homeowners around Dorsey High, where the Expo Line stop is infamously decked out in safety features to keep hapless teens from getting hit by trains. The Sun Valleyites are not at all concerned about kids at Valley Region Middle School No. 3 getting hit by cars (we're kidding, guys!) because they oppose a $3.2 million pedestrian bridge that will connect a new campus for ninth graders with the existing Poly High, which sits across Arleta Avenue (the freshmen will still have phys. ed. and other classes at Poly). The foundation is "about to be poured" for the 200 foot long, 18 foot high bridge, reports the Daily News, but the neighborhood council "believes that a system of traditional crosswalks, or even the installation of new traffic signals near the schools, would be cheaper and just as effective." LAUSD says a traffic study showed the bridge is the safest option, since "Arleta Avenue is adjacent to the 170 Freeway and is considered a secondary highway, with high traffic volume."
· Area residents oppose $3.2M pedestrian bridge for schools in Sun Valley [LADN]