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Hollywood/Gower Tower Blocked By Neighborhood Group

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Chalk one up to the La Mirada Avenue Neighborhood Association--the lawsuit-happy group has scored a victory over the 20-story mixed-use tower planned for the southwest corner of Hollywood and Gower (yeah, remember that guy?). The LA Times reports that a judge has blocked construction of the building, ruling that "officials violated state law because they didn't give the public enough time to review a parking study." This'll be a bummer for Hollywood boosters, since the development is just a block down from the huge mixed-use Blvd6200, which finally started work recently. The tower project--20 stories, more than 150 apartments, and groundfloor retail--was approved with less parking than is normally required by the *Advisory Agency Parking Policy (updated: it actually meets the zoning code requirements, according to the environmental impact report), but the study "said there were enough to meet the needs of residents." However, that study wasn't made public until after permits were approved by the City Council's planning committee.

A lawyer for developer Hanover says they're not sure yet whether they'll file an appeal or just go back to the city for new approvals.

The La Mirada Avenue Neighborhood Association, meanwhile, has lawsuits pending against CIM Group's planned 22-story tower nearby on Sunset and the Hollywood Community Plan, which guides planning and zoning in the neighborhood.
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