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Bunker Hill Memorial Pennies at Angels Flight, Solair Sales Check

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We're cutting out a little early for a summer Friday. Meet you back here tomorrow for weekend coverage.

BUNKER HILL: In "Flattened Los Angeles," artist Diane Meyer aims to replace LA's lost neighborhoods and landmarks with penny press machines that create souvenirs of those neighborhoods and landmarks. A machine set to press out Bunker Hill-themed pennies has been installed atop Angels Flight and will officially open with a celebration tonight at 7 pm. Meyer writes in an email: "My plan is to rotate the machines through different neighborhoods so that people come across them and question the past layers of the city." [Curbed Inbox]

KOREATOWN: Thanks to a Fannie Mae project approval, there are now a few more loan options for buying a condo in the infamous Solair. According to a press release, the project qualified "by making nearly 40 new sales since February 1, 2012, taking the sales total figures to over 60% of the entire building." Current prices (for non-penthouses) range from the mid-$500s to about $1 million. [Curbed Inbox]


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