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Hear the 5 Finalists For West Hollywood's Original Song

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The West Hollywood Marketing and Visitors Bureau is holding a contest to find an original song for the city, which really should be mandatory for every neighborhood in the county. Via Twitterer Guy Branum (who "voted for the gayest and autotuniest," which seems like a safe bet), videos of the five finalists have now been posted and it's up to the voting public to pick a winner. WeHo Patch says "The contest’s only requirements for entries were that the song had to incorporate the words 'West Hollywood' and capture the essence, the soul, the spirit of the city." The winner will get all kinds of cash and prices (including a flight to WeHo that will probably be very short) and voting closes Sunday.

Here are the five finalists:
-- "Welcome Me Home (West Hollywood)" by Kristy Hanson
-- “WeHo” by Taylor Mackall
-- "Meet Me on the Westside" by Pete Rosales
-- "(Party Like An) Earthquake" by Shane Aschnbrenner
-- "Why Don't We Go to West Hollywood" by Nerds & Jerks (currently in the lead)

And here's a little sample; this is "(Party Like An) Earthquake":

· West Hollywood Original Song Contest [Facebook]